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51 Ways to Boost Testosterone PERSONAL TRAINER UKantakce

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51 Ways to Boost Testosterone PERSONAL TRAINER UKantakce

51 Ways to Boost Testosterone PERSONAL TRAINER UKantakce boost testosterone

51 Ways To Boost Testosterone | PERSONAL TRAINER | UKantakce

#one. Deep and sufficient sleep

Sleep is critical to testosterone production. The difference between 4 hours of sleep and 8 is like between heaven and earth.

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In a laboratory study of the effect of partial sleep restriction on testosterone levels for one week (5 hours per night) in a laboratory setting, it was found that the total average daily testosterone level in healthy young men decreased by an average of 15%!

In one study, men who slept for about 4 hours had an average serum testosterone concentration of 200-300 ng / dL [b]. Those who slept for 8 hours had testosterone levels approaching [b] 500-700 ng / dL.

Studies by other authors have shown similar results. For example, in Chinese men who took part in a large-scale study, increased sleep duration was strongly correlated with higher levels of total and free testosterone. Researchers have also calculated that each additional hour of sleep leads to an increase in testosterone of approximately 15%..

# 2. Lack of excess weight and the presence of muscle mass

You don’t need to be “fluff” to raise testosterone levels naturally, but you shouldn’t be fat.

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More specifically, the hcg hormone for sale percentage of body fat should be relatively low (8-14%) if your goal is to increase the flow of testosterone in the veins..

51 Ways to Boost Testosterone PERSONAL TRAINER UKantakce Boost Testosterone PERSONAL

The higher the fat percentage, the less testosterone. This statement has been proven by numerous studies. Thus, the leaner the torso, the more likely it is that more testosterone will be released into the bloodstream. Increased muscle mass also positively correlates with serum testosterone levels, so building muscle will not only look better, but also improve the health of your hormonal system..

Why does body fat often lead to low testosterone levels? It is not easy to answer this question, but it is well known that an increase in fat mass causes an increased activity of aromatase, which, in turn, leads to an increase in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. In addition, the increased oxidative stress, metabolic syndrome, and poor insulin sensitivity that accompany obesity also lower testosterone levels..

But the good news is that by losing weight by losing fat mass, not muscle, you can easily increase testosterone. It is worth noting, though, that there is a lower limit for fat content, after which testosterone goes down. So, if the body fat is less than 8%, the activity of the thyroid gland begins to decrease, and ultimately you will have to significantly reduce the amount of calories consumed. All of this will gradually rob your androgens of vitality..

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# 3. No stress

Easier said than done, right? However, stress kills testosterone to some extent buying sustanon 250 online..

This is because chronic stress leads to chronically elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. This catabolic hormone, along with many other factors, suppresses testosterone production.

Of course, we need some level of cortisol. It makes us get out of bed in the morning and allows us as a species to walk on two legs. Without cortisol, any minor injury would instantly shock us and kill us..

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But if physical or physiological stress is constantly haunting you, it is likely that your blood cortisol levels are consistently high. This is bad because cortisol not only destroys muscle mass and causes oxidative stress in the body. It is made from the same raw materials as testosterone (pregnenolone). And high cortisol levels can literally destroy the free testosterone molecules in the testes and in the blood..

Are you stressed or anxious hgh for weight loss for sale? It may be worth working with a psychotherapist or psychologist if you cannot cope on your own..


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