Grant Accounting

This area also provides all accounting services for the CSU Foundation, a private non-profit corporation that solicits contributions and manages endowment funds for the University. The Grant Accounting Office is responsible for assisting faculty, staff, and administrators in the financial management of federal and non-federal grants and contracts. The office also provides financial reporting, budget consultation, billing, cash management, project match reporting, and time and effort certification services. You’ll be able to stick to the parameters of the grant if you develop and follow a strict budget and regularly audit the various accounts.

Mar 03, 2022 CEO Brad Preber statement on Ukraine March 3, 2022 — I recently spoke with Rimma Tabakh, one of our talented Grant Thornton colleagues and a native of Kyiv, Ukraine. We talked about her upbringing, the people of her home country, and the hardworking members of Grant Thornton’s Ukraine office. The insurance industry can profit from an unprecedented opportunity for growth through employing an ecosystem strategy. Private company boards should bring the backgrounds and insights to understand risks and opportunities and drive the business forward. Degree & Programs Discover the large variety of academic programs offered at NSU. All charges to a grant must be allowable based on University policies, grant terms and conditions, and Uniform Guidance. Property Insurance is covered under the Pennsylvania State Insurance Fund that provides up to $1M of coverage.

Grants Accounting Frequently Asked Questions

Compare your actual expenses to the budget every month, and immediately make corrections that impact the overall budget. Set a schedule for budget reviews and stick to it so you can answer auditing questions with updated information any time they’re asked.

Grant Accounting

The Accounting Office does not maintain additional payroll records for any grant programs for which the payroll expenses are directly charged through the Payroll System. If journal entries are used to record payroll expenses, such entries and the backup document will be a part of the grant program file. Conversely, in a line budgeting approach, each approved line on the grant budget is entered into a separate line within the grant account and the expenditures will reduce the specific line. When the grant program exhausts the budget funds in that line, no further expenditures will be accepted.


Generally, approved purchase requisitions are encumbered in Purchasing System and turned into Purchase Orders by Purchasing Office. Upon the receipt of an invoice for goods or services, the expense is recorded for the invoice amount and the encumbrance is liquidated, thus updating the budget balance available accordingly.

  • Preparing all billing and financial reporting as required by the sponsoring agency.
  • These processes include purchases, reimbursements, cash advances, budget reports, and related questions.
  • Failure to follow the federal guidelines could lead to a reduction in grant money, loss of further grant funds or costs being attributed to your own organization.
  • Indirect costs are recorded as a debit to the Indirect Cost account in the grant fund and as a credit to an appropriate unrestricted current fund revenue account code.
  • Other grants or contracts require that the University submit an invoice to obtain funds due.
  • Your written accounting policies must be accessible to federal auditors at any time.

Larger programs, for instance the Migrant and Upward Bound, may require a separate folder for each month. An approved purchase requisitions entered online encumbers the necessary funds immediately. Since most grant budgets are entered on a line level, no requisition will be processed unless there is a sufficient budget balance in the grant. The program director should resolve any deficit situations with the Accounting staff. The Accounting Office, using the approved budget document, posts the budget data into the grant fund within the BFS.


GAO is responsible for coordination, negotiation and resolution of any financial review or audit related to University sponsored projects. This includes the annual audit of federal awards required under Uniform Guidance, Subpart F – Audit Requirements. The program director or his or her designee initiates the expenditure of the grant funds. Requisitions for equipment and supplies and requests for honoraria/consultant services will be processed online using the Purchasing System. Travel Request forms and Travel Vouchers, etc. are available from the Purchasing Office. All requests for disbursement of grant funds must be routed through the Accounting Office for review of the appropriateness of the expenditure, and are subject to the availability of funds.

  • For assistance with interpreting the monthly F&A Revenue Share detail reports, or for inquiries regarding the use of funds, contact Suzanne Weems.
  • Although most C&G employees will be telecommuting on select days, our doors will be open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm with adequate coverage provided for each team.
  • GAO reviews each invoice for compliance with the terms and conditions of its subaward agreement prior to initiating the payment process.
  • Grant funds are also used, where applicable, for related purchases of supplies and equipment.
  • The CFR online provides the public with enhanced access to Government information.

In addition, the Accounting Director is also responsible for the overall direction of all grant accounting. During this process if any unallowable expenses are discovered the charges must be transferred to a departmental fund. Cost Sharing and Effort Reports will be verified and deficits need to be cleared. Expenditures charged to a sponsored project are reviewed and approved by Grant Accounting to confirm that the expense is consistent with the terms and conditions of the award and to identify that sufficient documentation and justification is provided. Applications for grants and contracts are prepared by faculty and staff with the assistance of the Institute for Research. The fiscal activities relating to a grant account are primarily handled in the Grants Accounting Office.

How To Implement Quality Control In Financial Statements

When applying for a grant, you’ll have to show the funding agency that you have a working operating budget and clear plan for the grant funds. Federal grant accounting procedures require you to stick to those figures when you receive your grant money. In regards to federal, state, and private sponsored programs and financial aid programs, any external agency audits and reviews should be coordinated through Grants Accounting. If your department receives a review notice, or is contacted by an agency representative to schedule an onsite or desk audit, please route the contact to Suzanne Weems.

We interpret policies of private and governmental funding agencies to ensure that expenditures adhere to regulation and guidelines, as well as implement UMBC policies and procedures related to contracts and grants. Contract and Grant Accounting works closely with the Office of Sponsored Programs in administering pre-award and post-ward activities related to sponsored research, including assistance with budget preparation and filing of required fiscal reports. Please refer to the Office of Sponsored Programs for general information regarding contracts and grants. Federal programs such as Upward Bound wire funds to the University bank account upon the drawdown initiation. Funds are usually transmitted to the bank by the third business day following the drawdown request. The National Science Foundation funds its programs based upon a reimbursement request submitted by the University. Federal grants, which are passing through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, are remitted to the University on a predetermined payment schedule.

Grant invoices are subject to review by the Accounting Office not only for fund monitoring purposes but also to ensure that the purchase is within the grant guidelines and proper accounting codes are used and shown on the invoices. After the program office has entered a purchase requisition and the Accounting staff has approved it, the Purchasing Office will convert the requisition into a bid or a Purchase Order depending on the dollar cut off. For Purchase Orders exceeding $1,500, bids must first be obtained from at least three vendors, unless the item is available only through a sole source. When the Purchase Order satisfies all the requirements, it is printed and mailed to the appropriate vendor.

Financial Management

GAO coordinates theeffort reporting process for the University’s faculty and staff. This includes notifying personnel when effort reports are available, tracking completion of each report, following up on incomplete or late reports and providing expertise and guidance regarding the University’s effort certification process. Once GAO receives all necessary award paperwork from the Division of Sponsored Programs , GAO will notify the Principal Investigator and the departmental and collegiate offices of the grant/program number applicable to the sponsored project. The notification is sent via an email fromuiris- the parties listed on the Award Activation Authorization Notice . With respect to record keeping, non-grant invoices are filed in the Purchasing Office by the date paid. Grant invoices, on the other hand, are filed in the Accounting Office in the grant invoice folder. A small grant program may require one folder to hold all the invoices for the entire project period.

Grant Accounting

The Grants Office is responsible for all financial reporting of federal and non-federal grants and contracts. Gifts to UW-Green Bay are also reported to the Board of Regents through this office. Grant Accounting Cost sharing, also referred to as matching, refers to the costs related to sponsored projects or programs that are contributed by the University or a third party other than the granting agency.

All financial reports and financial portions of grant reports must be completed by the accounting contact assigned to the grant and submitted to the granting agency by the Business Office. All narrative reports should be sent to the accounting contact assigned to the grant in order to be submitted to the granting agency along with the financial report.

We strive to provide guidance and support to ensure compliance with UNM policy, state law, federal regulations and agency terms and conditions of funding. While the Human Resource Office maintains all employee personnel files, payroll records are kept in the Payroll Office. The payroll record shows the employee’s gross pay, payroll deductions and the University’s share of the fringe benefits. The total payroll cost for a pay date is charged to the grant account in summary by salary or benefit type referencing the pay period ending date.

Following are some examples of journal entries for accounting for government grants. Ed revenue and expenses so that you fulfill your mission and maintain excellent relationships with donors, stakeholders, and others who are important to you. This applies for non dilutive equity providers, university transfer office companies, SBIR grants (NIH, DOD, DOE, etc.), and other for profit organizations.

About Contract And Grant Accounting

Grant accountants are responsible for preparing invoices for expenses incurred and follow up to ensure outstanding invoices are paid on timely basis. Please review the Division of Responsibilities in order to gain a better understanding of all grant accountants’ duties. Federal regulation established by the Office of Management and Budget in 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards govern the allowability of expenditures to a federal grant. For a list of unallowable costs identified in Uniform Guidance, please see the Guidelines for Unallowable Costs. It is also important to be knowledgeable of the University policies and grant terms and conditions, as there may be instances where these are more stringent.

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Sometimes it will become necessary to renegotiate with the grantor for an authorization to shift money in the budget from one line to another. Some grantors may require that the actual expenditures fall within the budget line by up to ten percent. If assistance is required with reviewing financial reports, reconciling costs to planned budgets, system or report accessibility, or tracing an error in posting, please contact the Grant Accounting Office for assistance. IAS 20 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance outlines how to account for government grants and other assistance. Time cards must be signed and approved by management if they’re being billed to the grant account. Your written accounting policies must be accessible to federal auditors at any time. Keep original invoices, expenditure approval forms, check authorizations and receiving signatures.