An Italian Felicity event


Skenarte was involved in the organization of two events commissioned to the Event Manager and Wedding Planner Donna San Giorgio of Italian Felicity.

Both events took place at wonderful locations: one at the Palazzo Biscari in Catania and the other at the Feudo San Giuliano di Melilli.

The role of Skenarte was to coordinate the various non-protagonists present at the event: catering staff, florists, fitters, junk dealers and all those who had to be consulted to ensure the success of the event.

Both for the event at the Palazzo Biscari and the Feudo San Giuliano, Skenarte managed the fittings with Donna both at the design level and at a practical level, coordinating the teams of young people in charge of set-up work, floral decorations, arrangement of stalls and tables for the dinner and arrangement of vintage furnishings taking care of the scenic and aesthetic aspect.

The eloquent expression of the spouses and guests gave confirmation that a good job was done!

A special thanks goes to Enzo Mosca for his work as an installer, to the staff of Alcolica, to Tearose and Cannata Opere Verdi for their floral touch, and Giovanni Ruggeri photographer and to all those who contributed to the success of the event.


Skenarte has a considerable experience. Under the guidance of Marco Libertino, he worked for big brands, like: Benetton, Max Mara, Cold Play, Calcio Catania, Setra, Wasa.

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