Camurria Wine Bar


The Camurria is a wine bar located in Leonforte that defines itself as “a place where innovation and tradition come together and blend to perfection” and this result is also due to Skenarte, who took care of the design and construction of the restaurant.

In fact, Skenarte has transformed a “catoio” (that is, a small basement of the house) into an original, modern and vital place. The originality of shapes and design has also been enriched by the colors and patterns of Dria, a young and emerging Sicilian artist.

At Camurria form and color, originality and uniqueness, functionality and aesthetics make the environment unique.


Skenarte has a considerable experience. Under the guidance of Marco Libertino, he worked for big brands, like: Benetton, Max Mara, Cold Play, Calcio Catania, Setra, Wasa.

+39 392 212 1782
Via dei Gerani, 10 - Enna (Sicilia) - Italia