Ellis Bijoux - Shop, bags and chic accessories


ELLIS BIJOUX is a boutique of women’s fashion accessories, leather goods and clothing located in low Enna.

Skenarte has been involved in renovating the existing restaurant for years with the aim of giving the right value to the goods to be exhibited.

In detail, after the approval of the 3D project, various high-rise exhibitors were created, platforms in which to insert single modules for rings and earrings, ring hangers, trunks for storing unexposed goods, cash counter, wall decorations, including the painting by Audrey Hepbrun placed on the sliding door behind the cash counter, and more.

Skenarte has also taken on the task of arranging the lighting system, making sure that each shelf is reached by a beam of light. Moreover, the realization has respected the times foreseen by the time schedule established with the client.

Final result: respected times, happy and enthusiastic customer.


Skenarte has a considerable experience. Under the guidance of Marco Libertino, he worked for big brands, like: Benetton, Max Mara, Cold Play, Calcio Catania, Setra, Wasa.

+39 392 212 1782
Via dei Gerani, 10 - Enna (Sicilia) - Italia