Museum exhibit Bales of Science University of Catania


The National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the University of Catania choose Skenarte for the museum exhibition “Balle di Scienza. Stories of errors before and after Galileo “.

This is a multimedia exhibition set up at the City of Science of the University of Catania, sponsored by the Municipality of Catania and open to the public from February to May 2016.

“Balle di Scienza” tells the errors of man in his effort to know and decipher the world around him, from antiquity to the present day. It tells these blunders and blunders with a multimedia and immersive path, made up of large stage projections and interactive games made entirely by Skenarte.

Skenarte has created an excellent team: fitters, programmers, technicians and advertisers. It guaranteed the final result thanks to the splendid synergy created.

The Balle di Scienza exhibition turned out to be a national event that opened the structure of the Città della Scienza to the general public for the first time, in view of its definitive use.


Skenarte has a considerable experience. Under the guidance of Marco Libertino, he worked for big brands, like: Benetton, Max Mara, Cold Play, Calcio Catania, Setra, Wasa.

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