Rental Houses for Christmas Markets


Skenarte specializes in making wooden houses for Christmas markets and fair stands or for special events. The houses, handcrafted, are composed of wooden panels of 2.40 x 2.40 m in size, double front-back door, side door, floorboards and waterproof roof and PVC slope. The stalls, useful both for indoor and outdoor, have a simple and elegant design. They can be used in the sale of handicraft products, in culinary festivals and for any type of exhibition. It is possible to create custom stands with different sizes according to your needs.


Skenarte has a considerable experience. Under the guidance of Marco Libertino, he worked for big brands, like: Benetton, Max Mara, Cold Play, Calcio Catania, Setra, Wasa.

+39 392 212 1782
Via dei Gerani, 10 - Enna (Sicilia) - Italia